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When engaged in bodybuilding, you can not only improve your own health, but also get a beautiful and sculpted body build arms . In this article, “bodybuilding” refers to professional sports, rather than simple exercises in the gym.

In professional sports, the pursuit of certain results is pursued, such as: muscle relief, certain volumes and aesthetics of the figure. Like any sport, bodybuilding has its own requirements regarding the use of additional accessories and equipment that must be completed. Further in the article, we will focus on them.

Joint Protection Equipment

In bodybuilding exercises with heavy weight are used, and this can put a very big strain on the joints. When an athlete performs squats, the big load falls on the knee joints. And since the knee joint has a rather complex and fragile anatomy, any, even the most minimal, deviations from the correct execution of the exercise are a huge risk of damage to the joint. In order to reduce the load on the joint, special elastic bandages are used that are wound around the joint in a certain way. There are a large number of options for how to wrap bandages on the knee joints and they depend, in most cases, on the goals of the athlete. So, when he is going to perform exercises with a lot of weight, it is better to tighten the bandages on the joints harder than if they were delayed during standard exercise. Bandages must be firmly fixed, as this allows the knee joint to better cope with heavy loads, without any discomfort for the athlete. But you should know that prolonged and excessive use of bandages can adversely affect the proper development of the body. Because there is an addiction to bandages and, as a result, the quadriceps muscle of the thigh is weakened. And without bandages, it will be much more difficult for an athlete to carry out further classes. as a result, the quadriceps femoris is weakened. And without bandages, it will be much more difficult for an athlete to carry out further classes. as a result, the quadriceps femoris is weakened. And without bandages, it will be much more difficult for an athlete to carry out further classes.

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The lifter and bodybuilder

Regarding the use of bandages for the elbow joint, here everything is much more complicated. Because when using them, the amplitude of movements is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is better to use cuffs to protect the elbow joint. It is important that the area of the joint be treated with a warming cream before putting on the cuff, so that the muscles and ligaments become more elastic, and the production of lubrication in the joint itself is enhanced. In addition, the cuffs perfectly retain heat and keep the joint warm, thereby significantly reducing the risk of injury.

In addition to the elbow joints, great loads are also placed on the wrist, especially when the athlete shifts the force vector by turning the brush upward while doing push-ups while lying on the bench. In this case, the wrist takes on the entire weight of the barbell or dumbbell. Therefore, in order to fix the wrist in the only correct position, bandages should also be used. One end of the bandage with a special loop is worn on the thumb, then the bandage is wound on the wrist, stretched and fixed with Velcro.

Palm protection against damage

In almost all exercises, the barbell, dumbbells or block exercise machines are used to develop the muscles of the upper body. For example, weight training programimplies the use of exclusively free weights. According to statistics, 300 times a training athlete comes in contact with the corrugated surface of sports equipment and simulators. And magnesia, which is used to reduce friction, causes damage to the surface of the palms and the appearance of cracks and calluses, the skin becomes rough and turns yellowish. Therefore, to prevent changes in the skin of the palms, athletes use protective gloves. They have a special moisture-absorbing layer that keeps the palms dry during training. Gloves do not interfere with normal grip, which are used in exercises with free weight, and provide good adhesion to the surface of the projectile. It is important to use gloves even when working with light weight to avoid damaging the surface of the palms.

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Back support

Any exercise in bodybuilding carries a load on the back. She experiences enormous loads and pressure under the weight of the projectile. It is necessary to prevent exposure to high pressure directed at the intervertebral discs. For this, a weightlifting belt was created. Its width covers almost the entire abdomen, and on the back it has a slight expansion. Such belts are made mainly of hard leather, but the material may also vary depending on the manufacturer. This belt rigidity plays a very important role. Together, the stiffness and the wide part of the belt with strong tension fix the back in a natural S-shaped position. This position is the most successful and safe for exercises that use a lot of weight.