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Regular training the body through a while adapted to data loads and does not give a response to exercise. In order to get this response you need to increase the intensity of the workout. There are various techniques and methods for this. But these techniques are only suitable for long-training bodybuilders, because beginners will not have much effect on this. One of the most popular ways to increase your workout intensity is the superset.

It is important to understand that muscles grow in response to a change in intensity, that is, they adapt to a new load. That is, at the beginning of training, the muscles are forced to get used to new loads, in response to this, they increase and strengthen. But then the muscles get used to these loads and progress stops. And then they begin to connect various methods of increasing intensity. Usually increase the number of approaches, the number of times in the approach or the weight of the shells. But infinitely increasing the volume of training and the weight of the shells is unrealistic – someday you have to stop. But along with this, progress will stop.

Superset is the way out in this case. This is a technique in which antagonist muscles train one after another without rest. Antagonist muscles are opposite muscles with different functions, for example, biceps performs flexion, and triceps – extension. This also includes the back and chest, biceps of the thigh and quadriceps, extensors of the back and abs, chest and back deltas, and so on.

Delta training

It is very important that exactly the antagonist muscles train in the superset, and not any two exercises without rest. If you do two exercises for biceps, then this is no longer a superset, but a complex set in which one muscle is trained without rest.

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The superset technique has a lot of advantages:

Firstly, muscles recover faster between sets, because when one muscle is training, an impulse is transmitted to the antagonist muscle, which helps to recover faster.

Secondly, muscle nutrition during exercise improves. When working with one muscle, blood with nutrients is added to it with oxygen, but when you stop working, blood flows. But if you immediately begin to train an antagonist muscle, then the blood cannot drain, and it turns out that by training one, you stimulate the other antagonist muscle. It turns out that the muscles continue to be supplied with nutrients during rest, as well as during work.

We also get an increase in intensity with a constant training time, while the muscles are less oxidized and the rest time increases.

Between supersets, you can rest for 30-60 seconds, since the blood rushes more evenly than when performing supersets without rest.

This is only one option for increasing the intensity, there are many others, but it is worth trying the superset because it really works!